BIS is an independent research institution that was founded in 1983. In 1995, the private company was founded in addition to the existing non-profit association.

BIS Company

The Berlin Institute for Social Research Co. is represented by the proprietor and managing director Dr. Eva Schulze.

The work of BIS is focused on the following domains:
  1. the research, academic monitoring and evaluation of developments in the domains of Household & Technology, Seniors & Technology, Health & Technology, Family and Women, Poverty & Wealth
  2. consulting private businesses and public foundations
  3. assessing the impact of technology in the domains of "Everyday Life and Household", "Smart Home - Smart Living", "Smart Health and Rehabilitation" as well as "City and Region"

The institute is financed exclusively by social science research funds and consulting. Among its sponsors and clients are state and national governments, industrial businesses and foundations and institutions of the European Union.

BIS advocates the concept of applied research. In research practice, a broad spectrum of research methods are implemented, ranging from empirical social research to market research methods. The research design is tailored to the respective demands of the client as well as the individual requirements of the research object.

BIS is involved in various international projects and research networks that deal with the themes "Technology and Everyday Life" and "Aging and Technology." Among these groups are COST A5 "Outdoor Mobility" and "Social Integration of Elderly People," COST A4 "Social Shaping of Technology" as well as in the European Research Network EMTEL (European Media and Technology in Everyday Life).